Our Story

                                                                                        TheMinisterr fka Minister Kaine

                                                                                           Hometown : Flint, Michigan

                                                                                                  Current : Oklahoma


                        TheMinisterr was licensed and ordained by The Michigan Council of Baptist Churches in 1997 he grew under the leadership in Flint Michigan.

In 2002 TheMinisterr relocated to Norman Oklahoma.

                             His background includes owning a 501C3 not for profit organization in 2004.  He has been fortunate enough to have worked alongside some great Saint's of God in ministry and music. One of his biggest highlights was being in an atmosphere around the greats in the early years of his ministry in Flint Michigan. 45 mins from Detroit.

TheMinisterr has sponsored numerous shows across the USA and internationally having Universal and other well-known record labels at the helm. Shows have included many greats like John P Kee, Shirley Ceaser, Kim Burrell just to name a few. 

Verity, Jive and other great record labels were at the helm during this time.

As President of Operations he has orchestrated numerous campaigns nationally and internationally he has increased revenue and community awareness throughout the World.

TheMinisterr quotes, “Hope Hop Multimedia is the vehicle God has used threw us to move the word to the community through me and you if we allow God to work".

                                                                                               Hope Hop Multimedia

                                                                                      Where there is Hope in the Music!


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