Hope in the Music 🎼

 2023- TheMinisterr HopeHop Multimedia - the sound of love and humanity  People say that hope is the last to die, but these days it seems that to little of it is left. 

However, thanks to companies like HopeHop Multimedia and people like Antonio McGlothin also known as TheMinisterr preaching about the light that brightens the path through our darkest times in life.  

TheMinisterr with more than 20 years of experience in gospel ministering alongside with his love for music. Help’s push hope in these trying times. 

Originally from Flint, Michigan where he received his license and Ordination in 1994 serving on the battlefield preaching and worshiping through out the United States and Internationally. God having his way TheMinisterr later moved to Oklahoma and continued to operate his ministry and music company Hope-Hop Multimedia. 

The ministry and music company which emphasizes the use of positive messages to promote faith and belief. We aim high to spread and share a message of love. Youth being a special focus we hope to help replenish humanity and social values. Foundational truths through love receiving wisdom from our elders. 

Hope-Hop Multimedia and TheMinisterr's mission stands out from the crowd for their perfectly matched ethereal beats. Meaningful verses with the capacity to deliver hope through love which leads one to the question of who’s am I, thus leading us to God’s only begotten Son Jesus the Christ. 

 The lyrics with substance filled with the power of love is sure to hit home compared to the infinity of superficial songs and lack of hope these days. Retorical songs and lyrics with no meaning hurt the love for music but at the end of the tunnel is light.  

The result is engaging songs for all kinds of people that mix great music vibes with meaningful lyrics in which we have the ability to reach wider audiences.  Hope-Hop Multimedia promotes love humanity and positivity during these trying times. Helping us remember the real power of music is to connect and unite people, let us go back to the old landmark to unite not to divide.  Come with us as TheMinisterr pushes Hope thru Christ! 

For more information to help or how you can hear audio and or watch videos visit us @ TheMinisterr.com  

Stream the new album by TheMinisterr “Disregarded Heart’s” 



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